Pre-Show & Interval Content


The pre-show and interval content is a key component to the enjoyment of the live theatre cinema experience. We work closely with our theatre producers and distributors to make content that interests the audience and keeps them in the moment.



For the pre-show we made short films relevant to the upcoming play and add to the understanding and enjoyment of it.

For ‘The Winter’s Tale’ we filmed Rob Brydon performing Bernard Levin’s poem; ‘On Quoting Shakespeare’.

For ‘Romeo and Juliet’ we filmed young adults speaking about what it is to be a teenager today, with particular reference to the themes of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ itself.

For ‘The Entertainer’ we made a short documentary about John Osborne using archive material from the period.


Interval Content

For the interval our main concern was to make content that didn’t take the audience out of the mood as they waited for the second half of the play to start.

We showed films with graphics giving interesting and amusing information to be read by the audience, sometimes in the form of a quiz or trivia about the plays.