The Winter’s Tale


The live broadcast of Kenneth Branagh’s production of The Winter’s Tale topped the UK cinema box office. The play – which starred Branagh alongside Judi Dench – was streamed live to 520 cinemas in the UK and more than 100 cinemas internationally on November 26.


The inspiration for the live broadcast of The Winter’s Tale came from the production itself. We wanted to ensure that the broadcast was a truly cinematic experience that reflected that of attending the theatre. We used film rather than television techniques and equipment to ensure that we paid justice to the original costume, stage and lighting design - from the deep reds and golds of the first scene in Sicilia, to the golden country scenes of the second act in Bohemia and finally the stunning ice world in the third act.


Responding to the play’s box office success, Branagh thanked Caron as well as distributor Picturehouse Entertainment, which partnered on the broadcast.

“To be able to celebrate our production of ‘The Winter’s Tale’ with cinema audiences is a true privilege,”

- David Hutchinson, The Stage