Our Vision


Tomboy Theatre Live launched in November 2015 in creative partnership with The Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company to film The Winter’s Tale, Romeo and Juliet and The Entertainer at the Garrick Theatre. Each broadcast was filmed in a way that reflected the design and the vision of the original stage production.


Tomboy Theatre Live works with theatre companies to bring live theatre to cinema goers across the UK and all over the world. Our productions are designed to make this theatrical experience as cinematic and as immersive as is possible, combining the immediacy and excitement of live theatre with the best filmmaking.

We work closely with theatre directors and producers to agree a style of film production that both complements and celebrates the live performance.


Clearly there is a huge future for making more Live Cinema Theatre Events. The audience is growing - both in numbers year on year, but also changing in their demographic. One of the main considerations for Romeo and Juliet was to find ways of encouraging younger audiences into the world of theatre.


Peter Bradshaw commented in his Guardian article on 27 July 2016 that he was ‘converted’ to the added benefit that a Live Theatre Cinema showing will have to Theatre in both artistic and financial terms.


The Arts Council of England and the British Film Institute reported in November 2015 the massive rise in revenue that cinemas are receiving from ‘Event Cinema” (worth over £35m per annum in their estimation). This new revenue stream is there to be shared by both the makers of this new art form and the producers of the original event.